Quality Assurance

Dylan Aerospace’s Quality Management System (QMS) is a reflection of the high standards we hold in all aspects of our company. A commitment to continuous improvement is more than a daily goal, but a mantra we aspire to. Our accreditations and test procedures ensure maximum quality of all products and define our allegiance to Total Quality.

  • AS9100: Rev-D Certified
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Temperature controlled inspection lab.
  • DPD - Digital Product Definition (Boeing Certified)
  • MBD - Model Based Definition (Boeing Certified)
  • 5-axis Browne & Sharpe CNC CMM with a Renishaw articulating probe
  • 7-axis Romer Portable CMM
  • PCDMIS – CMM Software
  • Full range of precision measuring instruments





  • Certified AS9100:Rev-D 
  • Certified ISO-9001:2015 
  • ITAR Registered
  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes “Q14” Source Delegation
  • Boeing D6-51991 Rev. J
  • - Digital Product Definition (DPD) Approved
  • - Model Base Definition (MBD) Approved
  • CATIA –Boeing Approved
  • MIL-W-12332A (MR)
  • CCR Registered- Cage Code: 4LUU0
  • DD Form 2345 Approved
  • JCP Cert# 0046955



  • BAC5117-1, Electrical Bonding of Receptacles

  • BAC5117-3, Standard Preinstalled Ground Stud Installation

  • BAC5117-4, Direct Ground Stud Installation

  • BAC5117-6, Electrical Faying Surface Bonds

  • BAC5117-7, Driven Rivet Electrical Bond


  • BAC5001-2, Pressure Testing of Tube and Duct Assemblies

Dylan's Proprietary Pressure Testing Station

Dylan's Proprietary Pressure Testing Station

Electrical Assembly Conductivity Testing

Electrical Assembly Conductivity Testing