About Us



Dylan Manufacturing, Inc. (DBA: Dylan Aerospace) is a privately held company, founded in 1999 in Auburn, Washington. Our primary focus has been the manufacturing of details and assemblies for the large commercial and military aircraft markets. In recent years we have expanded our capabilities and diversified our operations through a number of business initiatives and technological investments.

Dylan Aerospace is a leading provider of structural components, assemblies and kits to the aerospace, defense and technology industries. We fabricate, machine, finish and integrate formed, close tolerance aluminum and specialty alloy components and sheet metal products primarily for large commercial, corporate, and military aircraft. We manufacture more than 5,000 products for integration into a variety of aircraft platforms manufactured by leading Original Equipment Manufacturers and Prime aerospace suppliers.

In addition to aerospace products, we produce components and assemblies for equipment manufacturers in the medical and dental industries. Also, we provide prototyping and “one-off” capabilities and manufacturing engineering solutions for cost reduction to support new product development.