Baxter Collaborative Robots


Our Three Phase approach:


Phase 1:

physical implementation of robotics into our manufacturing process

This first phase allows our manufacturing company to achieve its greatest potential in efficiency, accuracy, and competitive advantage. We believe in the socioeconomic importance of keeping traditionally oversea's jobs local to the United States, and robotic automation will accomplish that in our industry.

Phase 2:

teaching and educating the aerospace industry about robotic integration & Robot-human Collaboration

This second phase is vital to our vision as robots working alongside and collaborating with humans is a requirement to compete in the global market . We will provide proper training to our team regarding robotic programming, maintenance, and interaction. 

Phase 3:

debunking common misconception in the public's view regarding job replacement via robotics

In this third phase, we aim to correct the public's fear of automation and help provide an accurate representation of robotic-integration in the industrial space. With the costs of living peaking in the United States (relative to global low-cost regions), U.S. companies can't afford to compete head-to-head on labor rates with international corporations. Therefore, robotic automation is crucial in order to re-shore tens-of-thousands of manufacturing jobs back to U.S. citizens.